On the 2016 The 8 Fest Part One


by Jacqueline Valencia


For the third year, These Girls On Film profiles the annual The 8 Fest in Toronto. A film festival focusing on small gauge film, it is as unique as it is adventurous in its medium and its range. This is the first batch of write ups of a few to come this week.

Please catch the 2016 8fest which will be held January 29th – 31st, 2016 at SPK Polish Combatants Hall, 206 Beverley Street, Toronto.

Two Aries by Josh Weissbach

Two Aries 

Director: Josh Weissbach 

Super 8 – Double Projection


Screening January 29th 7 PM Bageroo Nine! Volume 1

The juxtaposition of faces creates a dissonance between reality and imagination within the viewer. While one of the subjects tends to stay centred, the other moves her head to the side, creating a ghostly version of the other in turn. If the viewer focuses on the title, Aries’s tend to be enigmatic, adventurous, yet their stimulating centre lies on their heads. The film plays with this notion and reveals that while their are signs of these two beings merging, their division explores a deeper reality. There is interconnectedness in their looks, their smiles, their stares, yet their separateness is in expression. Human as equal to human, but different in portrayal.

Stories Houses Tell Scott Fitzpatrick copy

Stories Houses Tell

Director: Scott Fitzpatrick

Super 8


Screening January 29th Bageroo Nine! Volume 1

Illustrations of former incarnations are superimposed upon the framework old buildings while Lillian Gibbons articles are read as descriptors of said homes and businesses. The viewer hears bustling city life versus quiet nature and home life around the structures. Black and white visuals give the viewer an old time feel while the placing the viewer in the here and now with the sounds of streetcars and traffic. The compelling thing about this film is the idea that some of the homes Gibbons wrote about were completely transformed into something else and now only live on in her writings of them.

For your pleasure by Miguel Maldonado copy

For Your Pleasure

Director: Miguel Maldonado

Super 8


Screening January 29th Bageroo Nine! Volume 1

Grainy pantone filters through a gay bathhouse extoll feelings of sensuality and tension before release. A manifesto of sorts is read via text expressing poetry as political in an environment where everything basic and instinctual is honest in its human expression. To seek out and partake in mutual pleasure is a revolutionary form against the mind. I particularly was caught by the use of green, red, and blue palette to show that execution beyond pleasure is anything, but primary or basic. It is pure and full of possibility.



Special mention: I am highly anticipating  Eva Kolcze‘s  (whose previous exploration on brutalist architecture astounded me at the last fest) and Rebecca Baird‘s (involved in the exhibition Op Art Re-Imaged: Imaginable Spaces (2014)) works Commission 2 and 1 as listed on this program.










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