On Fede Alvarez’ Don’t Breathe (2016)

by Kayann Mitchell

I’ll say it here and now. I ADORED Fede AlvarezEvil Dead remake. It was a blood soaked thrill ride that injected legitimate horror into the legacy of Sam Raimi‘s classic. So I was taken aback when the release of Don’t Breathe snuck up on me. I had no idea this film was in the pipeline. It surprised me in the best way possible.


Don’t Breathe opens as we see three teens Alex (Dylan Minnette), Money (Daniel Zovato), and Rocky (Jane Levy) letting themselves into a posh looking home. They are having the time of their young lives, robbing it of every valuable thing other than cash, and then they quietly make their away with their ill gotten gains. As it turns out young Alex has a tried and true way of getting the trio into homes without getting caught. But when Money gets screwed over trying to hawk the goods, he gets told that if he wants a lot of cash it’s time to step up their robbery game. The three decide to take their chances on breaking into a blind man’s (Stephen Lang) home, rumoured to be rife with cash and the answer to all their prayers. But will the score be as easy as they think or will the Blind Man prove an unforseen adversary?


Honestly, this movie lives up to its name. There were intervals where I simply did not breathe waiting to see what came next. I’ve never been one for home invasion films, but this one is so tightly paced and well scripted it would be impossible not to fall head long into it. It is so well done that you really don’t know who to root for, the thieving teens or the blind man defending his home. I’m tellin’ you if you’re looking for a smart, tense horror thriller you will not be disappointed here. I promise!



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