On Carles Torrens’ Pet (2016)

by Kayann Mitchell 

In Carles Torrens second time in the director’s chair he ditches the paranormal for the real life horrors of the psychological thriller in Pet. Written by Jeremy Slater who is currently scaring the shit out of me with his take on The Exorcist tv series. Seems like a match made in hell don’t it? Lets see!

As Pet begins we meet Seth an awkward seeming employee at a vet clinic. One morning on his way to work he spies Holly a girl he’d gone to high school with, whom he tries vainly to make stilted  conversation with, only to be sumarrily dismissed. Not content to rest on his laurels however Seth makes it his mission to learn all he can about Holly, stalking her social media and after a disastrous attempt at asking for a date, stalking the lady herself. One day when inspecting some unused tunnels under his work place Seth hatches a scheme to finally get holly to pay him some mind. But will it all lead to the happily ever after Seth dreamed about? Or has he bitten off more than he can chew in Holly.

Folks. I’m at a loss. I don’t truly know how I feel about this movie. You need heaping gobs of disbelief suspension. There are moments you will shake your head at the wrong headed turns this film takes and I was honestly ready to eviscerate this thing for being another woman in peril movie. Then slowly, slowly, and slowly it started to change its tone and in turn change my mind, so much so I actually smiled  during the finale. Not everyone is going to sig this movie it by its very nature will be divisive.  But if you trust me. And you really should by now, then you may come around to it like i did. And if not. Then my bad! I’ll owe you a beer!


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