Jenn,  Jacq, and Kay.

We’re women who are very passionate about film. Sometimes we agree and sometimes disagree. We usually settle it all over wine, fisticuffs, and/or cupcakes.

* Jennifer Valencia (founding and senior film critic, & festival administrator) is a baker, film critic, and film festival freelancer. She has worked print traffic and tech coordinator for the Toronto Film Festival, Hot Docs, Sprockets, and worked in various capacities at the TIFF Bell Lightbox and The Bloor Cinema.

Project manager at CineSend.

Her baking business, The Girl Bakes, specializes in a variety of baked goods including vegan and gluten-free fare.

Jennifer received her Cinema Studies Bachelor degree from the University of Toronto. Her tastes range from modern blockbuster to high auteur fare. Provoke her inner fighter and you might have started a fire. Quotes Jurassic Park.

She loves Tim Burton.

* Jacqueline Valencia (founding/chief editor and film critic) is a poet and critic. She’s a freelancer (various publications including Lemon Hound and The Barnstormer), contributor at Notebook MUBI, and a film journalist and senior staff film critic at Next Projection. She is also a senior literary editor at The Rusty Toque.

Her debut poetry collection There Is No Escape Out Of Time is with Insomniac Press and is out in bookstores.

Jacqueline earned her Honours BA in English at the University of Toronto. Her tastes range from John Milius’ Conan The Barbarian to spaghetti westerns to isolation space films to giallo gore to her all time fave Chris Marker’s La Jetée.


She is ambivalent towards Tim Burton.

*  Kayann Mitchell (senior film critic & chief horror editor) has been commenting on film on her various blogs for many years and is now bringing her refreshing wit to These Girls On Film. She enjoys horror movies of many types (the headier the better), genre flicks of various modes (bring on the giallo), and if you remake a classic she’ll make sure to let you know what she thinks about it! You can find her and her opinions at various film festivals in Toronto.


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