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On Kier-La Janisse’s Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror (2021) – FantasiaFest

by Jacqueline Valencia (Before this little review, I’d like to commend the people at FantasiaFest for making it possible for disabled folk and people who work from home exclusively, due to being primary caregivers, or whatever iteration keeps us from doing what we love – for making the festival accessible

Jenn’s Best of 2015

by Jennifer Valencia I have been away from writing for a long time but I am ready to come back and I thought a good place to start is to reflect on the films that pleased and amused me in 2015. Here’s my list organized by genre.   Comedy Before

On Matthew Pollack’s Run Run It’s Him (2012)

    by Jacqueline Valencia The first thing that came to my brain when I finished watching Matthew Pollack’s Run Run It’s Him was a realization that Toronto’s become this hotbed for awkward and honest documentaries. Where else could you find a film about a young man who’s trying to analyze

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