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Toronto Reel Asian Fest: On Edralin’s ISLANDS and Sethi’s 7 DAYS

by Jacqueline Valencia First of all, I’d like to commend the Toronto Reel Asian Festival for making this festival accessible to all. It helps reviewers and audiences like me, to be part of a very important cultural event during a harrowing time. I would like to see accessibility this way

TIFF 2017: On Jan Zabeil’s Three Peaks (2017)

by Jacqueline Valencia Tackling relationships in film authentically can be a tricky business, especially if they’re about broken or blended families. There’s nuances and intimacies that get glossed over many times in favour of getting on with the story. Then sometimes there are movies that make entire films about those

On the 2nd day of the 8 Fest

by Jacqueline Valencia Here are three more films that caught our attention at the8Fest this weekend.   Shades of Safflower -dyed Celluloid, 2015 by Kayako Oki (Bagerooo One Programme) “Grasp the color of shades, That was brought from light passing through safflowers, It dyes particles, time, and a very tiny

On Fede Alvarez’ Don’t Breathe (2016)

by Kayann Mitchell I’ll say it here and now. I ADORED Fede Alvarez‘ Evil Dead remake. It was a blood soaked thrill ride that injected legitimate horror into the legacy of Sam Raimi‘s classic. So I was taken aback when the release of Don’t Breathe snuck up on me. I

On the 2016 The 8 Fest Part One

  by Jacqueline Valencia   For the third year, These Girls On Film profiles the annual The 8 Fest in Toronto. A film festival focusing on small gauge film, it is as unique as it is adventurous in its medium and its range. This is the first batch of write

On The 8 Fest 2015! Part 2

Our coverage continues on Toronto’s small gauge film festival The 8 Fest. For full schedule: http://the8fest.com/ Today’s write up is by Jacqueline Valencia.  1. L’Inventaire by Martine Syms (Friday, January 30 11pm Bagerooo, eight! Part One) http://martinesyms.com/ “On screen a man gestures to describe the various parts of a hardcover

On The 8 Fest 2015! Part One

January 30-February 1st at SPK Polish Combatants’ Hall, 206 Beverley Street, Toronto “The 8 fest is a unique Toronto-based film festival that presents all forms of small-gauge film: 8mm, Super 8 and 9.5mm, as well as works in installation, loops, and ‘proto-cinema devices’ like zoetropes. The 8 fest is a

On Shawn Levy’s This Is Where I Leave You (2014) TIFF

by Jennifer Valencia Shawn Levy brings together a vibrant and brilliant ensemble cast in This Is Where I Leave You, which screened at TIFF this year. I don’t know what it is about family dramas or comedies, but I have a soft spot for them. Family dynamics of all kinds

On Debbie Tucker Greene’s Second Coming (2014) TIFF

  by Jennifer Valencia I wasn’t sure what to make of Debbie Tucker Green‘s, Second Coming. The film is cryptic, fearful of committing to the concepts it puts forward, leaving the audience with more questions than answers by the end of it. It is the story of Jackie, wife of

These Girls On Film TIFF 2014 Picks

by Jennifer Valencia It is that time of year again. As I finish writing TIFF is only hours away and I am so very excited about this year’s festival. For one reason, this year I get to see the festival from whole new perspective. This year I am a spectator

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